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How Often Should My Septic Be Pumped?

Are you also one of those curious as to when you need to empty your septic tank system? Then, we are the right people to help you!

Asheville Septic Tank Pumping Services is the most trusted partners of homeowners and business owners for all their septic tank services. We have served more than hundreds of customers through our innovative, efficient and effective septic tank solutions.

The question on how often should you pump your septic tank system is often asked by our clients. What is our answer? It depends. We usually recommend two methods to determine the frequency or how often to pump a septic tank.

The first method is based on the thickness of the scum and sludge layers. We need to measure the thickness, and if the volume exceeds about 25-35% of the total volume of the tank, then you need to schedule for a septic tank pumping. There are a lot of ways to measure these layers, but the most preferred method is using an actual sampling tool designed for septic tanks. Depending on the location where the sample was taken, for example at the inlet, middle or outlet of the tank, the accuracy of this will also vary. If a heavy scum accumulation around the inlet reaches the recommended volume of 25-35%, which would warrant pumping the tank.

The second method is based on the number of residents in a house and the size of the tank. Generally, if you do not have any idea on the size of your tank, you can refer to the number of bedrooms in a house. A house with more bedrooms has a bigger septic tank while a house with fewer bedrooms has smaller septic tanks. Here is how to check the frequency of your septic tank pumping. If you have few people living in your house and the size of your tank is about 1,500 gallons, you can go on for years without having to pump your septic tank. However, if you have more people in your house and you have a smaller tank, you need to schedule your septic tank pumping at least every three years.

If you have any problem with maintaining your septic tank pumping schedule, Asheville Septic Tank Pumping Service is here to help. We will establish a regular schedule for pumping based on calendar years, so you won’t have to forget your schedule. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of your septic tank pumping needs.

Why Service My Septic System?

Are you wondering why a septic tank should be pumped out on a scheduled basis? Septic tanks are most common in rural areas that do not have a sewer system that is centralized. Septic tanks use technology and nature to dispose of wastewater from your kitchen drains laundry room and bathroom drains. How most septic systems work is that all of your waste and water that comes of your house runs on one main pipe that goes into your septic tank. Most septic tanks are buried underground and are made out of concrete, plastic and or some type of fiberglass septic tank is built to hold the wastewater long enough that the solid waste that filters in can sink to the bottom. This creates a substance called sludge that stays on the bottom of your tank while the oil and different kinds of greases go the top of your septic tank to form a scum. Different filter compartments and an outlet prevent this scum and sludge from getting outside the tank and going into the area that is called a drain field. The wastewater that is liquid then can leave the tank and go into the drain field and can filter into the soil. The soil will treat and disperse this filtered wastewater and drain it. If the drain field area gets flooded with too much of this wastewater it will cause it to flood and create that solid waste that should remain on the bottom of your septic tank, to come up to ground surface. This creates blockages and flooding and all types of problems you want to rather avoid at possible. Avoiding this only works if you have your septic tanks pumped of the sludge that gets built up, on a timed basis according to how big your tank is and how many people live in your house.

Are you curious to how the septic tank pumping process works? We can walk you through some of the steps that it takes to get your sewage pumped out. First off before we even begin the pumping, we need to locate your septic tank and uncover or expose it. If you want to save on cost you can locate your tank and expose the septic tank lids before our trucks arrived to pump out your tank. Your pumper will most likely inspect your septic tank to make sure there are no problem areas such as leaks or holes before he pumps out the waste so your sewer can work properly. Before the pumping process is started most likely your service guy will use something called a sludge rate to break up the scum on the surface so he can pump out the waste sufficiently. Our pump trucks use something called a vacuum that works in a way like your household vacuum to pump out your tank. A long hose will be put into your tank and attached to the solid waste tank on the truck. we make sure all the attachments are secure before turning on the pumper vacuum to ensure that no waster or water will be spilled in your yard and that everything will be sanitary. Call Asheville Septic Tank Pumping today to inquire about getting your septic pumped.To further appreciate the value
of septic tank pumping, you need to understand first the purpose of a septic
tank. A septic tank has two purposes. First, it holds the wastewater for a
certain amount of time to allow bacteria to break down and digest solids in the
wastewater. The second one is it stores solids that are not digested. As the years
pass by, these solids add up in two layers within the tank. This is where
sludge comes from.


As a homeowner, your responsibility to pump your septic tank is very important. Below are some of the wonderful benefits you can gain from septic tank pumping.

Septic tank pumping prevents the accumulation of sludge in your tank

If you neglect your septic tank pumping activity, the accumulated layers of floating and settled solids begin to take up a substantial amount of space within your septic tank resulting in the usable holding capacity of the tank to be drastically reduced.  This can be prevented by regular septic tank pumping.

Septic tank pumping prevents clogging of your septic system

If the floating scum layer gets too thick and blocks the pipe coming into the tank, this can result in a sewage backup in the home. Regular septic tank pumping will help your system “breathe” and allow more space inside the tank.

Septic tank pumping protects your investment in septic tank system

Installing a septic tank system is also considered an investment because you have to make sure that your septic tank will last for more years. One way to protect your septic tank system is to have a regular septic tank pump-out. Once your septic tank is opened, we will be able to check the components of your septic tank. Our company offers septic tank inspection service. This service will give you the overall health condition of your septic tank.

What Signs Should I Watch For In My Septic System?

A septic tank is usually the alternative to a municipal sewage system, especially in the rural areas. That is why its proper functionality and durability are very important to live a clean and convenient life without risk of an environmental disaster to your home.

Regular septic tank pumping is a very important activity that you should not neglect. Your septic tank service provider must visit your property to unearth the tank, pump its contents and eliminate the deposits that
may have been formed.

How can you verify the level of a tank that you cannot see and that is buried underground? When is the proper time to do a septic tank pumping?

Asheville Septic Tank Pumping Services has compiled the common signs that you need to watch out for in your septic tank system.

Slow drains are occurring

The first sign to watch out for is slow drains. While it is true that there are microorganisms in your tank that break
down the solid within, solid deposits can still form along the sides of your tank over time. Due to this, waste water from your sinks and appliances will drain more slowly. If you see this sign, contact your plumber before the
problem progresses.

Sewage odors lingering in your home

Sewage gases will flow through your sewer main and back up through your drains when your septic tank is full. Gases stay
in a cramped environment, and if not addressed immediately, it can cause stinking odors in your bathrooms and kitchens.

Moisture in
your lawn area

Green grass should be sign of healthy lawn,
right? While this holds true, except when it is limited to the soil directly
above your septic tank. If your lawn above the tank is significantly healthier,
fuller and faster-growing than elsewhere, this is an indication that the grass
is getting some extra nutrients. The culprit for this can be your wastewater. When
a septic tank reaches its full capacity, the waste will escape.

Long standing
water in the lawn above your tank

Long, pooling water in your lawn can also
be a sign that your septic tank has already reached its recommended capacity.
If this happens, solid waste can clog the piping system and forces the liquids
to go above the surface.

High Nitrate
Content in Well Water

If you have well water in addition to your
septic tank system, it is recommended that you test your water at least once a
year. If the results of the tests show a higher level of nitrate, your
wastewater may be overflowing your septic tank and leaching into your drinking
water. This sign can be hazardous to your health if it is not addressed

Sewage Backup

This is the most critical sign that your
septic tank needs to be emptied out. When sewage has nowhere to go, you may
experience foul sewage backup into your sinks, toilets and tubs. If this
problem is not addressed immediately, sewage can even flood your floors. Call
your septic tank service provider immediately to solve this problem before
rendering your home completely unsafe t inhabit.

Always see to it that you maintain your septic tank system
through a regular septic tank pump-out. Remember also to use only septic safe
materials and cleaners. Conduct inspections if you must to know the overall
condition of your septic tank system. Never neglect your septic tank pumping
schedule to avoid any disaster.

Asheville Septic Tank Pumping Service is a professional
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