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Are you one of those households who rely on septic tanks for the disposal of wastewater? Do you remember the last time you had your septic tank checked by a professional? How do you keep your septic tank running in good condition?

Welcome to Columbia Septic Tank Pumping. We are the right people for all your septic tank needs. Our goal is to provide you with world-class septic tank services at the best value. We have the best septic tank specialists who can provide effective and efficient solutions to all your needs. There is no septic system too big or too small for us. We know how to handle them all.

How Often Should My Septic Be Pumped?

Septic tanks are designed to help you get rid of the wastewater in the household. In essence, septic tanks are wonderful green projects. They contribute to a healthier and greener environment.

Septic tanks have different tank capacity based on your needs. The best way to keep your septic tank in good condition is through septic tank pumping. If your septic system is well maintained, we guarantee that it will last for more than 40 to 50 years.

A lot of our customers are asking us how often a septic tank should be pumped. In general, we recommend septic tank pumping every three to five years. However, we can also follow a specific frequency of septic tank pumping to maximize the results. We need to consider certain factors for this.

The first factor we need to consider is the number of people you have in your household. If your household members have gone big significantly, you may want to increase the frequency of your septic tank pumping service. Remember that the more people you have in your household, even if they are just plain guests, more wastewater will enter the septic system. On the contrary, if you are just living alone, you go on for years without having to pump your septic tank.

The next factors you need to consider are the age of your tank, the tank size, your seasonal usage changes and the use of additives for your tank.

Simple activities like laundry, showers, and cooking can generate more wastewater and more solid wastes will need to be flushed from your tank. We also recommend that you have your septic tank pumped before a party or a large gathering of people. 

Septic tank size also plays an important role in determining your frequency of septic tank pumping. If you have a big septic tank, you can go on for years without the need for septic pumping, but if you have a smaller tank, you need a more frequent septic tank pumping.

Columbia Septic Tank Pumping also recommends adding enzymes to your septic tank at least once a month. These enzymes can help in maintaining the level of bacteria in your septic tank which is useful in breaking down solid components and other substances.

We are the best provider of septic tank services in Columbia. With our skills and expertise, we are confident that we can handle all your septic tank issues. Our septic tank pumping is usually paired with septic tank inspection to provide you with the overall health status of your septic tank. After our inspection, we will give you a detailed report along with our expert recommendation. 

We look forward to serving your septic tank needs. Call us now and leave the dirty and messy job for us. When it comes to septic tank concerns, trust only the industry experts.

Why Septic Pumping?

Are you wondering why a septic tank should be pumped out on a scheduled basis? Septic tanks are most common in rural areas that do not have a sewer system that is centralized. Septic tanks use technology and nature to dispose of wastewater from your kitchen drains laundry room and bathroom drains. How most septic systems work is that all of your waste and water that comes of your house runs on one main pipe that goes into your septic tank. Most septic tanks are buried underground and are made out of concrete, plastic and or some type of fiberglass septic tank is built to hold the wastewater long enough that the solid waste that filters in can sink to the bottom. This creates a substance called sludge that stays on the bottom of your tank while the oil and different kinds of greases go the top of your septic tank to form a scum. Different filter compartments and an outlet prevent this scum and sludge from getting outside the tank and going into the area that is called a drain field. The wastewater that is liquid then can leave the tank and go into the drain field and can filter into the soil. The soil will treat and disperse this filtered wastewater and drain it. If the drain field area gets flooded with too much of this wastewater it will cause it to flood and create that solid waste that should remain on the bottom of your septic tank, to come up to ground surface. This creates blockages and flooding and all types of problems you want to rather avoid at possible. Avoiding this only works if you have your septic tanks pumped of the sludge that gets built up, on a timed basis according to how big your tank is and how many people live in your house.

Are you curious to how the septic tank pumping process works? We can walk you through some of the steps that it takes to get your sewage pumped out. First off before we even begin the pumping, we need to locate your septic tank and uncover or expose it. If you want to save on cost you can locate your tank and expose the septic tank lids before our trucks arrived to pump out your tank. Your pumper will most likely inspect your septic tank to make sure there are no problem areas such as leaks or holes before he pumps out the waste so your sewer can work properly. Before the pumping process is started most likely your service guy will use something called a sludge rate to break up the scum on the surface so he can pump out the waste sufficiently. Our pump trucks use something called a vacuum that works in a way like your household vacuum to pump out your tank. A long hose will be put into your tank and attached to the solid waste tank on the truck. we make sure all the attachments are secure before turning on the pumper vacuum to ensure that no waster or water will be spilled in your yard and that everything will be sanitary. Call Columbia Septic Tank Pumping today to inquire about getting your septic pumped.To further appreciate the value of septic tank pumping, you need to understand first the purpose of a septic tank. A septic tank has two purposes. First, it holds the wastewater for a certain amount of time to allow bacteria to break down and digest solids in the wastewater. The second one is it stores solids that are not digested. As the years pass by, these solids add up in two layers within the tank. This is where sludge comes from.

As a homeowner, your responsibility to pump your septic tank is very important. Below are some of the wonderful benefits you can gain from septic tank pumping.

1. Septic tank pumping prevents the accumulation of sludge in your tank

If you neglect your septic tank pumping activity, the accumulated layers of floating and settled solids begin to take up a substantial amount of space within your septic tank resulting in the usable holding capacity of the tank to be drastically reduced.  This can be prevented by regular septic tank pumping.

2. Septic tank pumping prevents clogging of your septic system

If the floating scum layer gets too thick and blocks the pipe coming into the tank, this can result in a sewage backup in the home. Regular septic tank pumping will help your system “breathe” and allow more space inside the tank.

3. Septic tank pumping protects your investment in septic tank system

Installing a septic tank system is also considered an investment because you have to make sure that your septic tank will last for more years. One way to protect your septic tank system is to have a regular septic tank pump-out. Once your septic tank is opened, we will be able to check the components of your septic tank. Our company offers septic tank inspection service. This service will give you the overall health condition of your septic tank.

What Signs Should I Watch For In My Septic System?

We have compiled some of the important signs which can tell you that your septic system needs to be pumped out. If you notice any of these signs, call us immediately.

  1. Sluggish Draining or Flushing

If your septic tank is in good condition, you may notice that your toilets, showers, and tubs have that “energetic” flush. However, if you notice slow draining bathtubs, washing machines, toilets, and showers, then it is probably an indication that your septic tank needs to be emptied out.

  1. Odor

Odor can be one of the indications that your septic tank needs to be pumped out. As your tank fills up, odor-causing gases are trapped and have nowhere to go. This can impose a serious problem with health. If you suddenly notice sewage odor inside your house or around your property, then it is best to call us to pump out your septic tank system.

  1. Healthier Green Lawn Over Drain field

Normally, the color of the grass around your property and over the drain field should be the same. However, if you notice that the lawn over your drain field is much greener than its neighbors, it is an indication that your septic tank needs to be pumped out.

  1. High Nitrate Content in Well Water

If you have well water in addition to your septic tank system, it is recommended that you test your water at least once a year. If the test results show a higher level of nitrate, your wastewater may be overflowing your septic tank and leaching into your drinking water. This sign can be hazardous to your health if it is not addressed immediately.

  1. Sewage backup

This is probably a sign you don’t want to experience. Avoid the area and immediately call a septic tank service the moment you see signs of sewage back up.  Your tank may need to be pumped out or there may be more septic tank problems involved.

Trust only Columbia Septic Tank Pumping for all your septic tank issues. We have established our own name in the industry and more clients trust us when it comes to their septic tank needs. Thanks to our customer referrals and our good reputation, our list of clients are growing each year. Come and join this happy list.

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