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How Often Should My Septic Be Pumped?​

Septic tank is undoubtedly an important part of the sewerage system. It is often made with concrete(old model and most common) or plastic(more modern). In the old model homes, the sewer systems were not available. So people used to build septic tanks in their homes that could hold only a limited amount of waste and water. However, the modern sewerage system has reduced the usage of the safety tanks. Rather people are more dependent on the sewerage system nowadays. All these being said, there is still a considerable amount of rural homes and old city homes which is not part of any sewerage services of the city. These homes definitely need septic tanks. And if there is septic tank the question of maintenance and septic tank pumping also comes in the light.

There are septic tanks of variety of volumes and designs. They literally come in all convenient sizes and shapes. The septic tank cleaning depends on the size and volume of usage. Most of the septic tanks available in the market should be cleaned in between three to five years of use. The usage is also a factor in here. A septic tank with four users may need cleaning each after six or seven years where at the same size if the user number is ten persons, the septic tank cleaning will be required each after two years. It is advised that whether filled or not, the septic tank cleaning should be done each after three years.

Some manufacturers and sewerage installation services advise the probable septic tank cleaning time during the installation of the system. Nevertheless, there might be unforeseen reasons like any malfunction in the septic tank. In that case, immediate septic pumping is required is required.

Why Septic Pumping?

In earlier times, the septic tanks that the people normally used were not that much scientific. They were not safer comparing to the modern septic tanks. The modern septic tanks are built with three to five years of almost guaranteed use before it needs to be pumped. The types of waste that can be found in the septic tanks are generally the floating waste, the semi-liquids and the solids commonly known as sludge. The floating waste is at the top the liquid or semi-liquid is at the middle part and the solids stay at the bottom.

As the solids gather at the bottom the water level is also increasing. The floating waste level increases even faster than that. Most of the modern septic tanks include special features to control the rapid rise of the sludge. There is soil absorption process in the septic tanks which reduces the amount of sludge to some extent. However, if the sludge is not cleared properly it will rise beyond the recommended level. This will certainly cause malfunction in the septic tank. The sludge is likely to clog up the pipes. In that case all the waste water which was supposed to go away will come back up and flood your home. You do not need any imagination to visualize how unsanitary your home will be if it actually happens. And if you are not noticing the horrible smell then rest assured that your neighbors certainly will.

What Signs Should I Watch For In My Septic System?

Let us not make it sound like a rocket science topic. You need not to worry about it much. The signs are quite obvious. You just need to keep your eyes out for certain signs. The first one of the signs is the smell. Before you see or hear anything the smell will let you know that something is wrong with the septic system. The other signs are more visual in nature than the smell. You will find that the home appliances like a washing machine and dishwasher will start to make noise. The reason is that the water dispensing way is all clogged up and as a result, there is the additional water pressure in the pipe. The last reason is the most obvious of all. The flooding of the pipeline. If you already have not noticed the first two causes, then you are bound to notice this one. You have to be cautious by the time you smell something unusual. The septic tanks are designed to remove bad odor from the living area and send it to the tank portion. The bad smell is the first sign that this system is not running right. As a result, the odor will come back upward. Sudden dampness in the floor is also a common sign. Please exercise caution while you check the symptoms. Because it might be hazardous for your health if you are really unlucky. Let us not worry because no one ever died because of septic tank smell. So serious health hazard is highly unlikely. 

How Can You Find The Best Septic Service For You?

To find a septic service is not an easy feat. There are many septic services everywhere but not all of them are good. Some of them are not good enough to fulfill your expectations. The variety of experience also matters also matters. You may follow some tricks to find the best service you desire. Knowledge is power. First, you need to identify what you need to repair or get fixed. Then you start looking around. You ask people about the services they previously availed and what is the quality of the services. Make a short list of the services in your area with satisfactory performance. There are thousands of services in your vicinity. Look around on the web. The internet could be a great source of information for you. If any particular septic service catches your eye go to their website. Have a good look at what kind of services they are providing. See the reviews of their customers. If you are not convinced enough then look through some other website and judge the reviews of the customers of that particular septic service provider. In this way, you will be able to judge a service provider correctly. If the service provider is near your vicinity then have a good look by physically visiting it. Have a chat with them. If it is a good service provider they will be happy to show you around and let you know about their services. If you are completely satisfied, then choose them. Specify what you want to the service and be very specific. And let those people do the job.

The Last But Not The Least

After reading all this, you might be thinking that you have become an expert on the field of the septic tank. In reality, there is a lot to learn and look to take care of the septic tank. Preparing a checklist is very useful in that matter. By this way, you will not forget to check up anything about the septic tank. Your personal interest and sincerity are also important. You can divide the work into the stages like using the system cautiously, doing regular checkups for faults, learn to fix some minor problems by yourself, have a trusted service provider etc. learning anything is meaningless if you do not share it with others. Share with your neighbors about what you have learned. Maybe you can help them out with some of the minor problems, by this way you can help yourself and learn something new in the process.

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01:04 18 Dec 19
Buyer beware, this is actually A1 septic posing as a different company. Horrible experience, just stay away.
Janice Poole
Janice Poole
12:23 21 Nov 19
The guys came out and pump my septic tank and I have had no problem since then will definitely be using them again!
Nisera Radoncic
Nisera Radoncic
20:18 11 Oct 19
Very bad experience with this company starting with person answering phone ending with track driver we scheduled them... to empty our septic thank they never showed up even track driver call me at 5pm he said he will be at my location at 6pm was 7pm never showed up or called.I called him he said he broke down and he can’t come and he will come next day. Next day no call or showed up. Just want to let people know how bad experience I had with more
Mirna Blaylock
Mirna Blaylock
15:43 20 May 19
Don't use them. They're incompetent liars! They said they'd be at my house on Saturday afternoon but never showed up.... I called and they said the order didn't go to dispatch. The lady on the phone said we'd be seen first thing Monday morning. Nope, they lied again. I called this morning and was told they'd be here around 9. I called after 9 to ask the ETA. I was told I was on their list for the day. What?! Needless to say, I canceled and called another company. Hopefully, they keep their more
Dorothy Ricks
Dorothy Ricks
09:27 21 Mar 19
So I just want to say a little bit about this company. we were getting very stressed out because we were having a hard... time finding somebody to pump our septic, and when I called Jacksonville septic they answered on the second ring. The lady I spoke to was very polite and seemed excited to help me. We scheduled right away and they were right on time. I did not have to do anything when the guy was there he found the lid to the septic tank right away and seems very experienced. Now we can flush our plumbing without any problems we are good to go. The professionalism was exceptional!read more
Estelle J. Reimer
Estelle J. Reimer
10:14 14 Mar 19
Wow! So we were having a birthday party the next day, and of course, our septic system decided to backup conveniently.... I was so happy when they scheduled me for the same day! Most other companies I called were backed out a week or two so sometimes hiring a bigger company is not a bad thing!read more
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