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How Often Should My Septic Be Pumped?​

How often you have your septic tank pumped out will depend on how big your tank is and how many people live in your household. If you are single and live in your house alone you can go longer without having your septic tank plugged out with no problems. If you live in a household with 5 or more people you will probably need to have your septic tank pumped more often such as every two to three years. As a general rule most septic tanks should be inspected or pumped out every three to five years. Septic tanks are not set up to hold infinite amounts of sewage and waste. So over time waste can build up and cause problems in your septic tank and plumbing lines.

Why Septic Pumping?

 Are you wondering why a septic tank should be pumped out on a scheduled basis? Septic tanks are most common in rural areas that do not have a sewer system that is centralized. Septic tanks use technology and nature to dispose of wastewater from your kitchen drains laundry room and bathroom drains. How most septic systems work is that all of your waste and water that comes of your house runs on one main pipe that goes into your septic tank. Most septic tanks are buried underground and are made out of concrete, plastic and or some type of fiberglass septic tank is built to hold the wastewater long enough that the solid waste that filters in can sink to the bottom. This creates a substance called sludge that stays on the bottom of your tank while the oil and different kinds of greases go the top of your septic tank to form a scum. Different filter compartments and an outlet prevent this scum and sludge from getting outside the tank and going into the area that is called a drain field. The wastewater that is liquid then can leave the tank and go into the drain field and can filter into the soil. The soil will treat and disperse this filtered wastewater and drain it. If the drain field area gets flooded with too much of this wastewater it will cause it to flood and create that solid waste that should remain on the bottom of your septic tank, to come up to ground surface. This creates blockages and flooding and all types of problems you want to rather avoid at possible. Avoiding this only works if you have your septic tanks pumped of the sludge that gets built up, on a timed basis according to how big your tank is and how many people live in your house.

Are you curious to how the septic tank pumping process works? We can walk you through some of the steps that it takes to get your sewage pumped out. First off before we even begin the pumping, we need to locate your septic tank and uncover or expose it. If you want to save on cost you can locate your tank and expose the septic tank lids before our trucks arrived to pump out your tank. Your pumper will most likely inspect your septic tank to make sure there are no problem areas such as leaks or holes before he pumps out the waste so your sewer can work properly. Before the pumping process is started most likely your service guy will use something called a sludge rate to break up the scum on the surface so he can pump out the waste sufficiently. Our pump trucks use something called a vacuum that works in a way like your household vacuum to pump out your tank. A long hose will be put into your tank and attached to the solid waste tank on the truck. we make sure all the attachments are secure before turning on the pumper vacuum to ensure that no waster or water will be spilled in your yard and that everything will be sanitary. Call Anderson Septic Tank Pumping today to inquire about getting your septic pumped.

What Signs Should I Watch For In My Septic System?

You need to be aware of some of the signs that could point toward your septic tank not working correctly or being clogged. Here are a few of the warning signs you should keep an eye and a nose out for.

Bad Odors

A very common sign of a clogged drained or a septic that is overdue to be pumped out is when you notice a bad odor coming from around your drains or plumbing area. If the area around your septic tank also smells strongly of waste then you know your septic is not working correctly and needs to be inspected an fixed as soon as possible so your home and yard can stay safe and sanitary and free from bad bacteria.

Clogged Plumbing and Drains

This one is really common sense. If you notice backup in your drains or plumbing, you need to get help as soon as possible. You don’t want any waste flowing up your drains and creating serious problems. The first place to check for a backup problem is your plumbing closest to your septic tank. If you have a basement, the drain usually fill up first down there so if you are smelling any bad septic odors, you should check to see if you can see any back up in your drains. If you are noticing back up in your drain, flushing your toilet or pouring anything down a drain can cause it to overflow.

Slow Drains

Have you ever noticed that your sink drains are slow when you go to drain something? 
If your drains throughout your house are slow and you have used septic safe drain blockage remover products and it still remains slow, then most likely you have a septic problem. Another thing to check is if your toilet is flushing slow as well as your drains being slow to drain properly. This all points to too much waste built up in your septic tank and it needs to go! If you do not get septic pumped as soon as possible and your drains and toilets are working slow then you will have a big mess on your hands when sewage starts to back up in your drains. Those are not sanitary and safe healthy living conditions to be in when you can smell the sewer in your house! 
Call Athens Septic Tank Pumping today and we will get your septic pumped out so you can rest knowing everything you can’t see is working smoothly

Overly Healthy Yard

Now this one might surprise you a little, but did you know that if your yard is overly healthy in the area around your septic tank than this means that your septic is possible leaking? If you fertilize your yard a lot you might not think that this means anything if you have a spot of very healthy looking grass. But if your grass is only dark green right around your septic tank, then most likely you could be having septic issues that you should get inspected. Sewage leakage could be caused for several different reasons so it is best that you get a highly trained professional out to inspect your septic tank and the area around it to make sure you don’t have a septic problem. Having your septic overflow or leak might make your yard to appear healthy, but it is not healthy for you or your children to be out in!

Pools of Water

Along with an overly healthy yard, you should look for water that is pooling around your septic tank. This also points to a leak or the need to have your sewage pumped as solid waste might be going into the drain field and causing the liquid wastewater not to drain properly resulting in a build up so that the wastewater starts to collect and create a pool around your septic. If you are noticing suspicious water pools around the area of your septic tank, call Anderson Septic Pumping today to schedule an inspection for your septic tank.

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