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Welcome to Memphis Septic Tank Pumping. If you need your septic tank inspected or you need a routine pump, you can call us today and we can set you up with an appointment and get you on our schedule.

Our Services

Our range of services varies depending on your needs. Rest assured that whatever your septic tank needs, we can provide it. We offer the following services to all our clients at affordable pricing rates.

·         Septic Tank Service

Did you buy a new property with a septic tank system installed in it? Or perhaps you don’t remember when it was last serviced? Whatever your concern is, we offer a full septic tank service. For new homeowners, we offer septic tank installations. Our team of professional technicians will handle all the vigorous process of installing your septic tank system. If your system is on the verge of failing, we offer troubleshooting and repair service. We will see to it that your septic tank system will be working back in no time. If you only need a quick pump-out, we also offer septic tank pumping service to keep your whole system running smoothly.

·         Septic Tank System Inspection

We offer a thorough and complete inspection of your septic tank system. Since it is located under the ground, the only way to see if all the components are working is to inspect it. We have a punch list of all the important parts of your septic tank system to make sure we do not miss a single thing. Our list includes inspection of the inlet and outlet baffles/tees, roots, dividing wall, leaks, liquid flow and back flow.

·         Commercial Septic Tank Services

We also cater to commercial establishments in their septic tank needs. We provide installations, repair, maintenance and troubleshooting. A business establishment depending on the number of people and the size of the tank needs frequent septic tank pumping than a normal household. We have specialized equipment for our commercial clients and we can cater to your needs on weekends and even on holidays.

·         Grease Traps

This is also one of our services that our local restaurants love to avail. We provide excellent service in cleaning grease traps among food chains and restaurants. Don’t let dirty grease traps keep your from earning. Leave the cleaning to us and continue your business as usual.

·         Line Jetting

We are one of the pioneers of this service in our area. We started to offer this service two years ago because we saw the need for this service in our community.  In this service, our modern equipment can clean hydro lines from 2-36 inches with a pressure of 4000psi. With this, cleaning can be done in a short period of time and lesser water will be wasted.

·         Excavating

Perhaps your septic tank needs to be excavated to accommodate more space? We are the right men for the job. We have the proper equipment for excavating. Call us the moment you think you need to have it done.

·         Drain field rehabilitation, installation and repair

Out of all the parts of a septic tank system, the drain field is the most expensive. That is why you need to take good care of it properly unless you want to splurge huge amount of money if it gets broken. However, fear not because we can repair your drain field for you. We also offer installation of drain fields if you just bought a new property.

·         Maintenance Contracts

The best way to take good care of your septic tank system is by regularly maintaining it. We offer maintenance contracts to help you care for your septic tank system. Our maintenance contracts even include a reminder of when your next septic tank pumping schedule is. Now, isn’t that what you call customer service? Call us now to sign one and we promise you will not be disappointed in our service.

·         Septic tank abandonment services

If there will come a time where your septic tank system will fail you, you don’t have to worry because we are here to help. We offer septic tank abandonment services. We will help you find a new location where you can install your new septic tank system. We promise to guide and assist you every step of the process. No idea how to begin? If you have no idea what to choose from our range of services, call us and we will be glad to assist you. Our friendly customer service agent will discuss them with you to help you choose the service you need. We promise to do our best in every service you avail with us. Here at Memphis, your septic tank system is in good hands. We follow all safety guidelines and strictly adhere to industry standards so you get the service you deserve.
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