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Throughout the years, Spokane Septic Tank Pumping is the most trusted partner of the residents of Spokane, Washington for their septic tank needs. With over four decades of experience, we have the right experience and tools to fix all your septic tank concerns.

How Often Should My Septic Be Pumped?

Septic tanks need regular cleaning and maintenance to be able to maximize their performance. If your tank is not properly maintained, chances of septic tank system failure are high. The question on how often should a septic tank be pumped relies on many factors. Here at Spokane, we generally recommend emptying your septic tank every three to five years to prevent it from reaching its recommended capacity.

Certain factors which affect the frequency of septic tank pumping are the size of the tank and the number of people living in a household. Normally, the smaller the tank and the more number of people live in a household, the more frequent you need septic tank pumping. But if you have a bigger tank and you only have a few members in your household, then you can go on without having to pump your tank. You can easily identify the number of people in your house but it is not easy to identify the size of your septic tank. To be able to have an idea of the size of your septic tank, you can refer to the number of bedrooms in your house. If your house has three bedrooms, then it might have a 1000galoon tank. If your house has more bedrooms, say four or five, then your septic tank has a capacity of about 1500gallons.

For a more concrete schedule, you can refer to the table below. This table was taken from US EPA. You can refer to this table to know the exact frequency of your septic tank pumping.

Using this table is easy. Just take a look at the number of residents per household and match it with your tank size. For example, if you have four residents in your household and the size of your tank is 2000gallon, then you need to empty your septic tank every 5.9 years. Another example would be a household with seven residents having a 1000 gallon tank will have to pump his septic tank every 1.2 years. This is because the size of the tank is smaller and the number of residents living in the house is bigger. Spokane Septic Tank Services specialize in septic tank installations and repairs. Whether you need a new septic tank system or just repairs for your existing one, we have you covered with our services. You can rely on our skilled staff for all kinds of septic tank installations and repairs. We provide superior service without breaking your bank. Septic tank system maintenance shouldn’t be a headache. Let us do the maintenance for you and we promise to deliver the kind of service you deserve.

Why Septic Pumping?

Your household relies on your septic tank for the proper disposal of wastewater. So it is only proper that you take the time and effort to take good care of your septic tank. One way to do this is through septic tank pumping. Septic tank pumping benefits your septic system in many ways.

1.       Septic tank pumping prevents system failure

When your septic tank is full, the possibility of a septic tank system failure is high. Regular septic tank pumping will prevent your tank from reaching its recommended capacity. By doing this, you can prevent septic tank system failure which may cause messy clean ups, foul odor and sewage backups which is hazardous to your health.

2.       Septic tank pumping helps remove the sludge

The main purpose of your septic tank is to separate the wastewater from the solid waste. As time goes by, sludge builds up in your tank which can cause clogging in your pipelines. Septic tank pumping will help your tank from getting full. This will allow more space for your tank to accommodate wastes and to function more properly.

3.       Septic tank pumping protects your tank

Through septic tank pumping, you can detect early signs of damage to your tank. In this way, you can help protect your tank because if you see any early signs of damage, you will call for a septic tank contractor for repairs right away. Our company is committed in providing the best septic tank pumping in town. With our state-of-the-art equipment and right knowledge, we can help you achieve a septic tank system that can last for years.  If your septic tank system is regularly cleaned and maintained, it can last for 40 or 50 years. This will help you save a lot of money and headaches from calling your septic tank service provider for repairs and replacement. Do not wait for your septic system to fail you. Have your septic tank system pumping schedule with us and we guarantee you a septic tank system that will not fail you for the years to come.

What Signs Should I Watch For In My Septic System?

A septic tank system is an important part of any household or commercial establishment. Without it, proper segregation of wastewater and solid wastes won’t happen. Below are some of the signs that you should watch for in your septic tank system. If you notice any of these signs, call us immediately so we can check your septic tank system for any possible clogging or damage.

·         Slow Drains and Slow Flushes

If you happen to notice that your bathtubs and sinks have slow drains, there is a possibility that your septic tank needs to be emptied out. If you have already tried unclogging products or plungers and they were not of any help, you should contact your septic tank provider to check your septic tank system. Another sign related to this is the slow flushing of your toilets. Toilets should normally flush right away. If it does the opposite, then something might be wrong.

·         High Nitrate Content in Well Water of Residential Areas

This sign is only applicable to those relying on well water. However, for homeowners, it is also important. It is recommended that well water should be tested at least once a year. It can be an indication that wastewater is overflowing your septic system and leaching into your drinking water if the results show higher levels of nitrate than normal level. This can also be dangerous if no immediate action is done.

·         Greener lawn above the drain field system

Grasses should be green at all times. But if you notice that the grasses in the lawn above your septic tank system is much greener compared to its neighbors, there is a possibility that your septic tank system is leaking some moisture and needs to be attended to immediately.

·         Long standing water

This sign is related to the greener lawn above your septic tank system. Presence of a mini lake in the area directly above your septic system is also a sign that your septic tank system is in trouble and is in need of a quick pump-out. You need to pay attention to the lawn around the drain field. When your septic tank is in functioning properly, wastewater should stay out of sight. If it starts rising to the surface, it could be a sign that your septic tank is leaking.

·         Bad Smells around your house

Your nose smells everything, from good and bad. Trust your sense of smell. If you notice a strong, foul odor coming from the drains or the area around your septic tank, there is a possibility that a blocked drains needs to have a quick pump-out. Liquids may be leaching causing the foul smells around your house.

·         Sewage Backup

This is probably the most evident signs of septic tank failure because it only means that wastewater is backing up into your sinks and bathtubs. When this happens, do not try to clean the mess yourself because solid wastes need to be handled properly. Also, wastewater can be harmful to you and to the members of your family, so call your septic tank provider and a water remediation company right away. Spokane Septic Tank Services is a full-service septic tank service provider. Whatever your septic tank needs, we can provide it. You don’t have to sit all day waiting for something wrong to happen to your septic tank. Call us today and we’ll set your septic pumping schedule right away. We will even inform you of your next schedule so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it. If you just bought a property and you have no idea where to start in handling your septic tank, call us and we will assist you right away. We are confident that we can give the right solutions to all your septic tank issues. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can improve the overall performance of your septic tank system. After all, a good septic tank system can stay with you for a long time. Call Spokane Septic Tank Service today!
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